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Twelve Network is a networking and awards organisation that encourages collaboration, promotes business relationships, and builds and develops recognition models for great businesses and fantastic people. We do these things through regular networking events, annual awards programs and special themed events. We also host learning experience events both online and offline.

We are not a membership organisation and foster healthy business relationships across the South West of England.

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Twelve Network was born out of the highly successful and dynamic LinkedIn Local South West. LinkedIn Local South West was established in 2017 and has seen over 2500 attend one of these events. However, we always felt that there is so much more to offer the South West and so made the decision in January 2024 to change the name. Twelve will maintain the same ethos and open, collaborative, friendly structure as we had with LinkedIn Local, but with a few extra benefits.

Vic Williams, who started the first LinkedIn Local in the South West and has run it ever since is a published author, internationally recognised speaker, trainer and consultant and has work with clients all over the United Kingdom as well as in South Africa, Malaysia, Oman, Saudi Arabia, the USA and Canada to name a few.  Vic has spoken at industry conferences, trade shows and at corporate events with a focus on mindset, habits, flow and neurodiversity.

What we do

Twelve Network organises regular free and paid networking events in Exeter, Taunton, Torbay, Plymouth and Cornwall. We also organise the annual Twelve Awards and special themed events in the region.

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